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Kürzel A und B


AACS = Advanced Access Content System

AADN = American Association of Domain Names

AB = Advanced Backup

ABI = Application Binary Interface

ACC = Advanced Clock Calibration

ACE = Automatic Calling Equipment

ACE = Automatic Circuit Exchange

ACK = Acknowledgment  

ACL = Access Control List

ACML = AMD Core Math Library

ACPI = Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

A/D = Analog zu Digital

AD = Active Directory

ADDS = Active Directory Domain Services

ADO = ActiveX Data Object

ADODC = ActiveX Data Object Data Connection

ADPCM = Adaptive Differential Puls Code Modulation 

ADSL = Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AES = Advanced Encryption Standard

AES = Attachment Execution Service

AFAIK = As Far As I Knew

AFC = AntiFerromagnetically Coupled  (Pixie Dust)

AGP = Accelerated Graphic Port

AH = Autentifikation Header

AHCI = Advanced Host Controller Interface

AI = Artificial Intelligence

AIM = Aol Instant Messenger

ALG = Application Layer Gateway

ALGOL = Algorithmic Language

ALSA = Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

ALU = Arithmetic Logic Unit

AMD = Advanced Microdevices

AMD = Auto Mount Daemon

AMI = American Megatrends Incorporation

AMI-Code = Alternativ Mark Inversion-Code

ANSI = American National Standard Institute

AOD = Advanced Optical Disc

AOL = American Online

AP = Access Point

API = Application Program Interface

APL = A Programming Language

APF = Activated Pseudo Format 

APM = Advanced Power Managment

APP = Application

APU = Audio Processing Unit

ARB = Architecture Review Board

ARPAddress Resolution Protocol

ASA = American Standartds Association

ASCC = Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator 

ASCII = American Standart Code of Information Interchange

ASF = Advanced Streaming Format

ASP = Abstract Service Primitive

ASP = Active Server Pages

ASP = Auxiliary Storage Pool

ASPI = Advanced SCSI Programming Interface

ASR = Automatic Speech Recognition

ASTF = Anti Spam Task Force

AT = Advanced Technology

ATA = Advanced Technology Attachment

ATAPI = Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Information

ATC = Advanced Transfer Cache

ATM = Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATM = Adobe Type Manager

ATX = Advanced Technology extended

AVC = Advanced Video Coding

AVI = Analog Video

AVI = Audio Video Interleaved

AVS = Adress-Verwaltungs-System

AWT = Abstract Windowing Toolkit



BASH = Bourne Again Shell

BASIC = Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BB = Backbone

BBAE Breitbandanschlusseinheit

BBS = Bulletin Board System

BCC = Block Check Charakter

BCC = Blind Carbon Copy

BCD = Binary Coded Decimal

Bd = Baud (Schrittgeschwindigkeit)

BD = Blu-ray Disc

BEC Back-End Chip

BeOS = Be Operating System

BES = Basic Executive System

BHO = Browser Helper Objects

BGP Border Gateway Protocol

BIC = Bus Interface Chip

BIGFON = Breitbandiges Integriertes Glasfaser-Fernmelde-Ortsnetz

BIOS = Basic Input Output System

BIT = Binary digit

BK = Breitbandkommunikation

BLOb = Binary Large Object

BMP = Bitmap

BNC = Bayonet Neill Concelman

BNC Bayonet Nut Connector

BNF = Backus-Naur-Form

BoF Begin of File

BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

BOL = Business Offer Language

BOS = Basic Operation System

BPO = Business Process Outsourcing

BPS = Bits Per Second

BPDU = Bridge Protocol Data Unit

BS = Basis Station

BS = Betriebssystem

BSC = Binary Synchronus Communication

BSD = Berkeley Software Distribution

BSOD = Blue Screen of Death

BT = Bluetooth

BTX = Bildschirmtext

BTX = Balanced Technology Extended