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Kürzel G und H


g = group

GAN = Global Area Network

GB = Giga Byte

Gb = Giga Bit

GbE = Gigabit Ethernet

GBIC = GigaBit Interface Converter

GC = Garbage Collector
GCC = GNU Compiler Collection

GDI = Graphic Digital Interface 

GDPdU = Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen

GEM = Graphics Environment Manager

GFS = Global File System

GIF = Graphics Interchange Format

GIMP = General / GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIS = Geoinformationssystem

GM = General MIDI

GMR = Giant Magnetoresistance

GPF = General Protection Fault

GPFS = General Parallel File System

GPL = General Public License
GPL = GNU Public License 

GPIB = General Purpose Interface Bus

GPON = Gigabit Passiv Optical Networks
GPP = General Purpose Processor

GPRS = General Packet Radio Service 

GPS = Global Positioning System

GPU = Graphic Processing Unit
GREP = Global Regular Expression Print

GRUB = Grand Unified Bootloader

GSM = Global System for Mobile Communications

GSS = Generic Security Services
GTK = Gimp-Toolkit
GTK = Gnome Toolkit
GTLD = Generic Top Level Domain
GTS = Giga Texel Shader

GUI = Graphical User Interface

GUID = Global Uniqe Identity Data 



h = hide, hidden 

HA = High Availability

HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer

HBCI = Homebanking Computer Interface

HCL = Hardware Compatibility List

HD = High Density

HD-DVD = High Density Digital Versatile Disc

HD-TV = High Definition-TV

HDA = High Definition Audio

HDB3-Code = Third Order High Density Bipolar-Code

HDC = Hard Disc Controller

HDD = Hard Disk Drive

HDLC = High Level Data Link Control

HDML = Handheld Device Markup Language
HDR = High Dynamic Range
HDTV = High Definition Television
HDTV plus = High Definition Television plus

HDX = Half Duplex

HID = Human Interface Device

HIFI = High Fidelity
HILI = Higher Layer Interface

HLP = Help
HLL = High Level Banguage
HLSL = High Level Shader Language

HMA = High Memory Area

HP = Home Page
HP = Hot-Plugging

HP = Hewlett Packard

HPC = High-Performance Computing

H/PC = Handheld Personal Computer

HPET = High Precision Event Timer

HPFS = High Performance FileSystem

HRM = HTML with Rights Management
HSB = High Speed Buffer
HSB = Hue, Saturation, Brightness
HSC = Help- and Supportcenter
HSCSD = High Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSI = High-Speed Interconnect
HT = Hyper Threading

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS = Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

HVD = Holographic Versatile Disc
HW = Hardware