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MAC = Media Access Control

MAC = Apple Macintosh (Hersteller)

MacOS = Macintosh Operating System

Man = Manual

MAN = Metropolitan Area Network

MAN-Code = Manchester-Code

MAP = Manufacturing Automation Protocol

MathML = Mathematical Markup Language

MAU = Medium Attachment Unit

MB = MegaByte

Mb = Megabit

MBR = Master Boot Record

MBSA = Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

MCM = Multi Chip Modul

MCI = Media Control Interface

MCP = Multi Chip Package
MCP = Master Control Program

MD = Make Directory

MD = Mini Disk

MDAC = Microsoft Data Access Components
MDB = Master Database
MDI = Multible Dokument Interface
MDM = Machine Debug Manager

Memex = Memory Extender   

MESZ = Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit

MExE = Mobile Station Application Execution Environment

MEZ = Mitteleuropäische Zeit

MFC = Microsoft Foundation Class

MFII = Multifunctional [keyboard] II

MFLOPS = Million Floatingpoint Operations Per Second

MFT = Master File Table

MFV = Mehrfrequenzwahlverfahren

MHP = Multimedia Home Plattform
MHTML = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension Hypertext Markup Language

MIB = Management Information Base

MIDI = Musical Instruments Digital Interface

MII = Media Independent Interface

MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MIMO = Multiple Input Multiple Output

MIPS = Million Instructions Per Second

MIPS = Metal Insulator Piezoelectric Semiconductor
MIPS = Multimission Image Processing System

MISC = Metacoded Instruction Set Computer
MISC = Mighty Instruction Set Computer

mkdir = make directory
ML = Markup Language

MLT = MultiLink Trunking

MMC = Microsoft Management Console
MMC = Multimedia Card
MMCD = Multimedia Compact Disc

MMS = Multi Media Messaging [Handy]

MMS = Manufacturing Message Specification

MMS-Code = Modified Monitoring State-Code

MMX = Multimedia Extensions
MNG = Multiple Network Graphics

MO = Magneto Optisch  

MOD = Magneto Optical Disk

MODEM = Modulator Demodulator

MOPS = Million Operations Per Second

MP3 = Motion Picture Expert Group Audio Layer 3

MPC = Multimedia Personal Computer

MPEG = Motion Picture Expert Group

MPI = Message Passing Interface

MPLS = Multi Protocol Label Switching
MPU = Microprocessor Unit

MPU = MIDI Processing Unit

MRC = Media Resource Control

MRC = Master Requirement Code
MS = Memory Stick
MS = Mobil Station

MS = Microsoft

MSB = Most Significant Bit

MSCDEX = Microsoft Compact Disk Extensions

MSDN = Microsoft Developer Network

MSDOS = Microsoft Operating System

MSI = Micro Star International (Hersteller)

MSIE = Microsoft Internet Explorer

MSIL = Microsoft Intermediate Language

MSN = Microsoft Support Network (Messenger)

MSTI = Multiple Spanning Tree Instance
MSTP = Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

MSVM = Microsoft Virtual Machine

MTA = Mail Transfer Agent

MTBF = Mean Time Between Failure

MTF = Mean Time to Fail
MTF = Modulation Transfer Function
MTP = Multimedia Transfer Protocol
MTS = Microsoft Transaction Server
MTTF = Mean Time To Failure

MTU = Maximum Transmission Unit

MUA = Mail User Agent
MUI = Multilingual User Interface 

MUX = Multiplexer

mv = move
MVC = Model View Controller
MVM = Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine
MXM = Mobile PCI-Express Module
MySQL = My Structured Query Language



NAS = Network Attached Storage

NAT = Network Address Translation

NC = Norton Commander (Symatec)

NCP = Network Core Protocol
NCQ = Native Command Queuing

NDS = NetWare Directory Services
NDS = Network Developing System

NDIS = Network Driver Interface Specification
NETBEUI = NETBIOS Extended User Interface

NetBIOS = Network Basic Input Output System

NeXt = New Extended Technology

NFS = Network File System

NIC = Network Interface Card

NIC = Network Information Center

NiCd = Nickel Cadmium [Batterie]

NiMH = Nickel Metal Hybrid [Batterie]

NIS = Netzwerk-Informations-System

NLB = Network Load Balancer

NNI = Network-to-Network Interface

NNTP = Network News Transport Protocol
NNW = Novell NetWare

NOC = Network Operation Center
NPAPI = Netscape Plug-in Application Program Interface
NPS = Numeric Processor Select
NPS = Numerical Plotting System
NS = NetScape

NSA = National Security Agency (Organisation, USA)

NSD = Notes System Diagnostics

NSF = Notes Storage Facility

NT = New Technology

NT = Network Termination (Netzabschlusseinheit)

NTBA = Network Termination for ISDN Basic Access

NTF = Notes Template File

NTFS = New Technology File System

NTLM = New Technology LAN Manager 

NTP = Network Time Protocol

NTSC = National Television Standards Commitee ( Organisation, USA)

NUI = Network Users Identification

NUMA = Non-Uniform Memory Access

NVRAM = Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NWFS = NetWare File System
NX = No Execution