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Kürzel Q und R


Q&A = Question & Answers 

QBASIC = Quick Beginner's All_purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

QBE = Query By Example
QBM = Quad Band Memory
QDOS = Quick Day Operating System
QDOS = Quick and Dirty Operating System

QIC = Quarter Inch Committee (organisation, Streamer) 

QNX = Quicken Indexes 

QoS = Quality of Service

QT = Quick Time
Qubit = Quantenbit
QUXGA = Quad Ultra Extended Graphics Array
QWord = QuadWord
QXGA = Quad Extended Graphics Array



r = read

RACE = Row-based ASCII Compatible Encoding
RAD = Rapid Application Development
RAID = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk 

RAID = Redundant Array of Indepent Disks 

RAM = Random Access Memory  

RAMDAC = Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter

RAN =  Radio Access Network 

RARP = Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RAS = Remote Access Software

RAS = Remote Access Services
RAW = Read After Write
RBHL = Realtime Blackhole List
RBL = Realtime Black List
RDBMS = Relationales Datenbank Management System

RDF = Ressource Description Framework
RDRAM = Rambus Dynamic Random Accsess Memory    

RDS = Radio Digital System  

rem = remark
ren = rename 

RET = Resolution Enhancement Technology  

REXX = Restructured Extended Executor 

RF = Root Forwarding

RFC = Remote Function Call
RFC = Request for Comment
RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
RFS = Reiser File System

RGB = Rot Grün Blau / Red Green Blue

RIM = Research In Motion 

RIMM = Rambus Inline Memory Module
RIP = Raster Image Processor

RIP = Routing Information Protocol

RISC = Reduced Instruction Set Code

RLE = Run Length Encoding
rm = remove
rmdir = remove directory
RMC = Remote Method Call
RMI = Remote Method Invocation
RMS = Rights Management Services
RMX = Reverse Mail Exchange

ROD = Rewritable Optical Disk
RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances   

ROK = Reseller Option Kit

ROM = Read Only Memory

RPC = Region Code Protected
RPC = Remote Procedure Call
RPG = Report Program Generator
RPM = Redhat Package Manager
RPS = Right Protection System

RSIP = Realm Specific Internet Protocol

RSMLT = Routed Split MultiLink Trunking
RSS = RDF Site Summary

RSS = Really Simple Syndication
RSS = Rich Site Summary

RTM = Release To Manufacturing  
RSTP = Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

RTOS = Real-Time Operating System

RTS = Real Time Strategy
RTS = Request To Send
RTFM = Read The Fucking Manuel 

RTC = Real Time Clock 

R/W = Read/Write 

RX = Receive Data