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s = System 

SAA = System Application Architecture

SaaS = Software as a Service

SAFTE = SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosures
SAM = Secure Access Module
SAM = Security Account Manager
SAM = Sequential Access Mode

SAM = SCSI Architecture Model

SaN = Schulen ans Netz [e.V] (Organisation)

SAN = Storage Area Network

SANE = Scanner Access Now Easy

SAP = Systems, Applications and Products [AG] (Hersteller)

SAS = Serial Attached SCSI

SAS = Server Attached Storage

SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SAX = Simple Access to XML 

SB = Sound Blaster

SBE = System Builder Edition
SCO = Synchronous Connection Oriented  

SCSI = Small Computer System Interface

SD = Secure Digital
SDCD = Super Density Compact Disc 

SD³+C = Secure by Design, Default, Deployment and Communications
SDH = Synchrone Digitale Hierarchie
SDI = Single Dokument Interface

SDIMM = Single Dual Inline Memory Module

SDK = Software Development Kit
SDR = Single Data Rate 

SDRAM = Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

SDSL = Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

SEAL = Simple and Efficient Adaptation Layer
SEH = Structured Exeption Handling
SES = SCSI Enclosure Services
SET = Secure Electronic Transaction
SFU = Windows Services for Unix  

SGI = Silicon Graphics Incorporated (Hersteller)

SGML = Sandard Generalized Markup Language
SGRAM = Synchronous Graphic Random Accsess Memory

sh = Bourne Shell
SI = System Identifier
SIMD = Single Instruction Multiple Data 

SIMM = Single Inline Memory Module

SIP = Session Initiation Protocol  

SIPP = Single Inline Package Pin

SIS = Silicon Integrated System (Hersteller)

SLD = Second Level Domain

SLES = Suse Linux Enterprise Server 

SLIP = Serial Line Internet Protocol 
SLPP = Simple Loop Prevention Protocol

S.M.A.R.T = Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

SMB = Server Message Block

SMC = Standard Microsystems Corporation (Hersteller)

SMFS = Samaba File System
SMIL = Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

SMIME  = Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

SMLT = Split MultiLink Trunking 

SMP = SCSI Managment Protocol

SMP = Symmetrisches Multiprozessorsystem

SMP = Symmetric Multiprocessor

SMS = Short Message Service

SMT = Simultaneous Multithreading
SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  

SN = Serial Number 

SNA = System Network Architecture

SNAP = Sub-Network Access Protocol

SNMP = Simple Network Management Protocol

SNTP = Simple Network Time Protocol

SOA = Service Oriented Architecture

SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol 

SOHO = Small Office / Home Office

SPAM = Spiced Pork And Ham

SPARC = Scalable Processor Architecture

SPF = Sender Permitted From
SPF = Sender Policy Framework

SPOOL = Simultaneous Peripheral Operations Online  

SPP = Standard Parallel Port

SPU = Sound Processing Unit

SPU = Synergistic Processing Unit

SPX = Sequenced Packet Exchange

SQL = Structured Query Language 

SRAM = Static Random Access Memory

SS = Single Sided

SSAP = Source Service Access Point 

SSD = Solid State Disc
SSE = Streaming SIMD Extension

SSH = Secure Shell

SSL = Secure Socket Layer 

SSODL = Shell Service Object Delay Load  

SSP= Serial SCSI Protocol

SST = Single Spanning Tree

ST = Segate Technology

STG = Spanning Tree Group

STL = Standard Template Library

STP = Spanning Tree Protocol 

STP = SATA Tunneling Protocol

STP = Shielded Twisted Pair

Str = String
Strg = Steuerung

SU = Superuser

S.u.S.E = Software und Systementwicklung

SUID = Superuser Identification
SunRPC = Sun Remote Procedure Calls

SVG = Scalable Vektor Graphics 

SVGA = Super Video Graphics Array

sVLAN = stacked Virtual Local Area Network

SVP = Stationsverwaltungsprotokoll

SW = Software
SWAP = Shared Wireless Access Protocol
SWED = Semantic Web Environmental Directory
SWF = Shockwave Flash
SXGA = Super Extended Graphics Array
SYMM = symmetrisch
SysAdmin = Systemadministrator  

SysOp = System Operator 




TA = Terminaladapter 

TAE = Telekummunikationsanschlusseinheit

TAE = Trans Asia Europe Optical Fibre Cable
TAE = Transportable Applications Environment 

TAN = Transaktionsnummer  / Transaction Number

TAO = Track At Once 

TAP = Terminal Access Point

TAPI = Telephony Application Program Interface  

TASI = Time Assignment by Speech Interpolation

TB = TeraByte

TCN = Topology Change Notification

TCO = Tjaenstemaennes Centralorganisation (Organisation, Schweden) 

TCO = Total Cost of Ownership

TCPA = Trusted Computing Platform Alliance

TCP/IP = Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCQ = Tagged Command Queueing

T-DSL = Telekom Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

TDI = Transport Driver Interface
TDP = Thermal Design Power  

TE = Terminal Equipment 

TEI = Terminal Endpoint Identifier  

TELEX = Teletype Exchange 

TEMEX = Telemetry Exchange

TFP = Technical Floating Point
TFPU = Technical Floating Point Unit 

TFT = Thin Film Transistor

TFTP = Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TGA = Targa

TI = Texas Instruments (Hersteller) 

TIFF = Tagged Image File Format

T&L = Transform and Lightning

TLB = Translation Lookaside Buffer
TLD = Top Level Domain
TLS = Transport Layer Security 

TIMI = Technology Independent Machine Interface 

TM = Trademark 

TMC = Taiwan Mycomp Corporation (Hersteller) 

TOC = Table Of Contents 

TP = Turbo Pascal 

TP = Twisted Pair 

TPI = Tracks Per Inch

TPM = Trusted Platform Module 

TPW = Turbo Pascal for Windows 

TSOP = Thin Small Outline Package
TSPM = Transactional Shared Property Manager
TSR = Terminate and Stay Resident 

TTF = Truetype Font 

TTL = Time To Live 

TTL = Transistor Transistor Logic

TTML = Tagget Text Markup Language  

TWAIN = Technology Without An Important Name 

TX = Transmit Data

TXT = Text
TZ = Timezone