Kürzel O & P


O = others

OCC = Object Code Compilation

OCR = Optical Character Recognition

OCX = OLE Control Extension

ODBC = Open Database Connectivity

ODF = OpenDocument Format

ODI = Open Data-Link Interface

ODI = Open Document Interchange

ODI = Open Driver Interface

ODM = Optimized Distribution Model

ODS = Online Directory Services

OEM = Orginal Equipment Manufacture

OFDM = Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

OHCI = Open Host Controller Interface

OI = Owner Inheritance

OLE = Object Link Embedding

OLE = Object Linking and Embedding

OPK = OEM Preinstall Kit

OODBMS = Objektorientiertes Datenbank Management System

OpenGL = Open Graphic Library

OpenML = Open Multimedia Library

ORB = Object Request Broker

OS = Operating System

OS/2 = Operating System/2

OSB = Original Equipment Manufacturer for System Builders

OSD = Onscreen Display

OSD = Open Software Distribution

OSI = Open System Interconnection

OSPF = Open Shortest Path First

OSS = OpenSource Software

OSS = Operational Support Systeme

OTG = USB-On-The-Go



P2V = Physical to Virtual

PaaS = Platform as a Service

PAD = Packet Assembler/Disassembler

PAE = Physical Address Extension

PAL = Phase Alternating Line

PAL = Protocol Adaptation Layer

PAM = Pulsamplitudenmodulation

PAM = Pluggable Authentication Modules

PAN = Personal Area Network

passwd = password

PAT = Performance Acceleration Technologie

PAT = Port Address Translation

PB = Pipeline Burst

PB = PetaByte

PBF = Portable Bitmap Format

PC = Personal Computer

PCAP = Packet Capture Tool

PCB = Program Control Block

PC-DOS = Personal Computer DOS

PCDATA = Parsed Character Data

PCI = Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCIe = Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

PCIX = Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

PCL = Personal Computer Language

PCL = Printer Command Language

PCL = Process Control Language

PCM = Pulscodemodulationssystem

PCMCIA = People Can't Memorize Computer Industries Acronyms

PCMCIA = Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PD = Public Domain

PDF = Portable Document Format (Adobe)

PDA = Personal Digital Assistant

PDB = Professional Disc for Broadcast

PDC = Pacific Digital Cellularsystem

PDD = Professional Disc for Data

PDU = Protocol Data Unit

PDU = Power Distribution Unit

PDS = Public Domain Software

PEARL = Process and Experiment Automation Realtime Language

PEG = PCI Express for Graphics

PHP = Personal Home Page

PGP = Pretty Good Privacy

PIC = Position Independent Code

PICS = Platform for Internet Content Selection

PICT = Picture

PID = Public Information Display

PID = Protocol Identifier

PIF = Program Information File

PIIX = PCI IDE/ISA Xcelerator

PIC = Position Independent Code

PICS = Platform for Internet Content Selection

PICT = Picture

PID = Public Information Display

PID = Protocol Identifier

PIF = Program Information File

PIN = Personal Identification Number

PIN = Program Item Number

PING = Packet Internet Groper

PIO = Parallel Input/Output

PIO = Programmable Input Output

PIR = Public Internet Registry

PIXEL = Picture Element

PL1 = Programming Language One

PLI = Programming Language One

PLMR Encoding = Partial Response Maximum Likehood Encoding

PM = Presentation Manager

PM = Protected Mode

PM = Private Message

PN = Private Nachricht

PNG = Portable Network Graphics

PNF = Portable Network Frame

PnP = Plug 'N Play

POC = Phone Operation Center

PoE = Power over Ethernet

POI = Poor Obfuscation Implementation

POIFS = Poor Obfuscation Implementation File System

POP = Point Of Presence

POP3 = Point Office Protocol 3

POS = Packet over SONET

Pos1 = Position 1

POSIX = Portable Operation System Interface for UNIX

POST = Power on self Test

POWER = Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC [IBM]

PPC = PowerPC

PPE = PowerPC Processing Element

PPI = Pixel per Inch

PPM = Pages per Minute

PPM = Pulsphasenmodulation

PPP = Point to Point Protocol

PPPoA = Point to Point Protocol over ATM

PPPoE = Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet

PPTP = Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

PR = Pentium Rating

PROFIBUS = Process Field Bus

PROLOG = Programming in Logic (Programmiersprache)

PROM = Programmable Read Only Memory

PS = PostScript

ps = process status

PS/2 = Personal System /2

PSK = Phase Shift Keying

PSP = Paint Shop Pro

PVC = Permanent Virtual Connection

PVM = Parallel Virtual Machine

PVST = Per-VLAN Spanning Tree

pwd = print working directory

PWL = Passwordlist

PWS = Personal Web Server


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