Kürzel E & F


E/A = Eingabe/Ausgabe

E-IDE = Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

EAN = European Article Numbering

EAL = Evaluation Assurance Level

EB = Exabyte

EBCDI-Code = Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange-Code

eBrief = elektronischer Brief

EC = Engineering Change

ECC = Error Checking and Correction

ECC = Error Correction Code

ECP = Enhanced Capability

ECMA = European Computer Manufacturing Association

ECP = Extended Capability Parallel

EDO = Extended Data Out

EDO-RAM = Extended Data Out-Random Access Memory

EDR = Enhanced Data Rate

EDV = Elektronische Datenverarbeitung

EEPROM = Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory

EFI = Extensible Firmware Interface

EFS = Encrypting File System

EIDE = Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

EIA = Electronic Industries Association

EISA = Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture

email = electronic Mail

EMF = Extended Meta-File

EMM = Expanded Memory Manager

EMS = Expanded Memory Specification

ENUM = Electronic Numbering Mapping

EoF = End of File

EPBR = Extended Partition Boot Record

EPC = Electronic Product Codes

EPIC = Explicit Parallel Instruction Computing

EPDU = Enterprise Power Distribution Unit

ePost = elektronische Post

EPP = Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM = Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory

EPS = Electronic Publishing System

EPS = Encapsulated Post-Script

ERD = Entity Relationship Diagram

ERM = Entity Relationship Modell

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

ES = Extranet Switch

ESM = Einzel-Spieler-Modus

ESP = Encapsulating Security Payload

ESP = Enhanced Serial Port

EULA = End-User License Agreement

EVA = Eingabe-Verarbeitung-Ausgabe

EVA = Electronic Video Assistant

EVD = Enhanced Versatile Disc

EXE = Executable

Ext2 = Extended 2 Filesystem

Ext3 = Extended 3 Filesystem




FAN = File Area Network

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FAT = File Allocation Table

FAX = Facsimile

FCAL = Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop

FCB = File Contron Block

FCC = Federal Communications Commission (Organisation, USA)

FCFS = First Come, First Served

FCS = Frame Checking Sequence

FDB = Forwarding Database

FDC = Floppy Disc Controller

FDD = Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI = Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDL = Free Documentation Licence

FDX = Full Duplex

FEC = Forward Error Correction

FF = Form(ual) Feed

FIBU = Finanzbuchaltung

FIFO = First In First Out

FILO = First In Last Out

FLD = First Level Domain

FLOPS = Floatingpoint Operations Per Secound

FM = Frequenzmodulation

FOAF = Friend of a Friend

FON = Fiber Optics Network

FORTAN = Formular Translation (Programmiersprache)

FOSS = Free and Open Source Software

FOSSIL = Fido / Opus / Seadog Standard Interface Layer

FOV = Field of View

FP = Fast Page

FPGA = Field Programmable Gate Arrays

FPI = Formal Public Identifier

FPM = Fast Page Mode

FPS = Frame Per Secound

FPU = Floating Point Unit

FSAA = Full Screen Anti-Aliasing

FSB = Front Side Bus

FSK = Frequency Shift Keying

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

FTZ = Fernmeldetechnische Zentralamt / Zulassung

FVD = Finalized Versatile Disc

FVD = Forward Versatile Disc

FYI = For Your Information (Zur Kenntnis)

FXP = File Exchange Protocol


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