Kürzel C & D


CA = Certificate Authority

CA = Computer Associates (Hersteller)

CAD = Computer Aided Design

CAE = Computer Aided Engineering

CAM = Common Access Method

CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAPI = Communication Application Program Interface (ISDN)

CAPI = Common Application Programming Interface

CAPI = Cryptography Application Programming Interface

CAS = Channel Associated Signaling

CAS = Column Address Select

CASE = Computer Aided Software Engineering

CbC = Call by Call

CBM = Cell Broadcast Message

CC = Carbon Copy

CCC = Chaos Computer Club (Organisation)

CCE = Common Computing Environment

CCE = Control Creation Edition

CCE = Communications Convergence Engine

CCITT = Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique

ccTLD = country code Top Level Domain

CD = Change Directory

CD = Compact Disk

CDC = Conditioned Diphase Code

CD-DA = Compakt Disk-Digital

CDFS = Compakt Disk File System

CD-I = Compact Disk-Interactiv

CD-R = Compact Disk-Recordable

CD-ROM = Compact Disk-Read Only Memory

CD-RW = Compact Disk-ReWriteable

CD-ROM/xA = Compact Disk-Read Only Memory / Extended Architecture

CDATA = Character Data

CDO = Collaboration Data Objects

CE = Compact Edition(Windows)

CeBit = Weltcentrum Buero Information Telekommunikation

CEM = Concurrently Executable Module

CEO = Complete Enterprise Option

CePT = Conference of European Postal and Telecommunication administrations

CF = Compact Flash


CGA = Color Graphics Adapter

CGI = Common Gateway Interface (WWW)

Char = Character

CHDIR = Change Directory

CHM = Compiled Hypertext Markup-Language

CHMOD = Change Modus

CHS = Cylinder Head Sector

CI = Change Inheritance

CIDR = Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CIFS = Common Internet File System

CIM = Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CISC = Complex Instruction Set Computer

CIST = Common and Internal Spanning Tree

CL = CAS Latenz

CLI = Command Line Interpreter

CLI = Command Line Interface

CLR = Common Language Runtime

CLS = Clear Screen

CLS = Common Language Subset

CLSID = Class Identification

cmd = command

CML = Chemical Markup Language

CMS = Cable Select/Master/Slave

CMS = Content Management System

CMOS = Complementary-symmetry Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

CMY = Cyan Magenta Yellow

CMYK = Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

CNR = Communication and Network Riser

COBOL = Common Business Orientated Language

CODEC = Coder-Decoder

COM = Component Object Model

COMAL = Common Algorithmic Language

CORBA = Common Object Request Broker Architecture

COS = Chipcard Operating System

Cots = Commodity of the shelf

cp = copy

CPI = Characters Per Inch

CPIM = Common Presence and Instant Messaging

CPP-GMR = Current Perpendicular-to-the-plane Giant Magnetoresistance

CPS = Characters Per Second

CPU = Central Prozessing Unit

CR = Carriage Return (ASCII)

CRC = Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRIMM = Continuity Rambus Inline Memory Module

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

CRT = Cathod Ray Tube

csh = C-Shell

CSMA = Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CSMA/CA = Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance

CSMA/CD = Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets

CSS = Content Scrambler System

CSV = Comma Separated Value

C'T = Computer & Technik (Zeitschrift)

CTD = Crash To Desktop

CTI = Computer Telefon Integration

Ctrl = Control

CTS = Common Typ System

CUPS = Common Unix Printing System

CVS = Concurrent Versions System

CYMK = Cyan Yellow Magenta Black (Farbsystem)



D3D = Direct 3D

D/A = Digital zu Analog

DA = Directory Assistance

DaaS = Data as a Service

DAB = Digital Audio Broadcast

DAC = Digital to Analog Converter

DAC = Disk Array Controller

DAO = Disc At Once

DAO = Domino Access for Outlook

DAO = Data Access Object

DAT = Digital Audio Tape

DATEX = Data Exchange

DB = Datenbank

DB = Database

DBCS = DoubleByte Character Set

DBMS = Database Management System

DC = Distributed Computing

DCC = Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse

DCE = Data Circuit Terminating Equipment

DCE = Data Communication Equipment

DCE = Distributed Computing Environment

DCL = Data Control Language

DCOM = Distributed Component Object Model

DCP = Distributed Computing

DD = Double Density

DD = Domino Directory

DDC = Display Data Channel

DDE = Dynamic Data Exchange

DDL = Data Definition Language

DDL = Data Description Language

DDM = Domino Domain Monitoring

DDNS = Distributed Domain Naming Service

DDNS = Dynamic Domain Name System

DDoS = Distributed Denial of Services

DDR = Double Data Rate

DDRSRAM = Double Data Rate Static Random Access Memory

DDS = Digital Data Storage

DeCSS = Decrypt Content Scrambling System

DECT = Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (DFÜ)

DEE = Datenendeinrichtung

DEMON = Dispatcher Edvanced Monitor

DEMUX = Demultiplexer

DENIC = Deutsches Network Information Center (Organisation)

DEP = Data Execution Protection

DES = Data Encryption Standard

DF = Designated Forwarding

df = display free disk space

DFS = Distributed File System

DFÜ = Datenfernübertragung

DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHTML = Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language

DIL = Dual Inline

DIMM = Dual Inline Memory Module

DIN = Deutsches Institut für Normung (Organisation)

DIP = Dual Inline Package

DIP = Dial-up Internet Protocol

DIR = Directory

DIVF = Digitale Fernvermittlungsstelle

DIVO = Digitale Ortsvermittlungsstelle

DIVX = Digital Internet Video Express

DL = Dual Layer

DL = Double Layer

DLL = Dynamic Link Library

DMA = Direct Memory Access

DMB = Digital Audio Broadcast

DMCA = Digital Millennium Copyright Act

DMI = Desktop Management Interface

DMIPS = Dhrystone Million Instructions per Second

DML = Data Manipulation Language

DMLT = Distributed MultiLink Trunking

DMP = Designated Mailers Protocol

DMS = Document Management System

DMZ = Demilitarized Zone

DNA = Digital Network Architecture

DNS = Domain Name Server

DNS = Domain Name Service

DNS = Domain Name System

DNSO = Domain Name Supporting Organization

DNUG = Deusche Notes User Group

DOM = Document Object Model

DoS = Denial of Service

DOS = Disk Operating System

DPAR = Domino Partition

DPC = Deferred Procedure Call

DPI = Dots Per Inch

DPMI = DOS Protected Mode Interface

DR-DOS = Digital Research Disk Operating System

DRAM = Dynamic Random Access Memory

DRM = Digital Rights Management

DRTR = Dynamic Real Time Rating

DS = Double Sided

DSAP = Destination Service Access Point

DSP = Digitaler Signal Prozessor

DSSSL = Document Style Semantics and Specification Language

DSTN = Double Supertwisted Nematic (LCD)

DTC = Distributed Transaction Coordinator

DTD = Document Typ Definition

DTE = Data Terminal Equipment

DTP = Desktop Publishing

DTP = Distributed Transaction Processing

DTP = Document Transfer Profile

DTS = Distributed Thread System

du = display use disk space

DUN = Dial Up Networking

DV = Datenverarbeitung

DVA = Datenverarbeitungsanlage

DVB = Digital Video Broadcasting

DVB-H = Digital Video Broadcasting - Handhelds

DVB-T = Digital Video Broadcasting – terrestrial

DVD = Digital Versatile Disk

DVD-R = Digital Versital Disk Recordable

DVD-ROM = Digital Versital Disk Read Only Memory

DVD-RW = Digital Versital Disk Rewriteable

DVI = Digital Visual Interface

DWDM = Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

DWord = DoubbleWord

DX = DirectX

DynDNS = Dynamic Domain Name System

DÜE = Datenübertragungseinrichtung


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